Thursday, 10 November 2011

I think i have a right to say something.
If you dont like what im saying leave my feed.

As i was saying the other night, I m sooooo angry at the moment, with ex and co.  Last year i hurt my knee and ex didnt want me to do anything about it, because i couldnt do moo moos.  we had a dairy farm parmesan cheese.  he wouldnt even let me have a Xray on it. and i had to go work how i was.
I have been having problems with my knee for years, same thing happened when i first hurt it.  we always had auguments when i needed to go to specialists and he wouldnt let me go for sugery.  the knee got worse and now i cant fully straighten it or move it how i should.i cant put my wieght on it and having problems walking.. sigh.. if ex let me sort my knee out when i should of done. 
I have a thyroid problem to and every year i have to do a ultra scan, a blood test and a specialist visit, in 2004 i had a biopsy and think how many fights/auguments we had.  then every year was the same thing  always auguments for letting me go for a check up :0(