Monday, 13 August 2007

Morning All

Have a great week ahead ;)

Its festaaaaaa time tonight, the biggest festa of the year in Bardi, Its my fav festa too. Theres food, drinks, music, gamees, theres a pole with gress on it and ppl has to climb up it.. thats too funny.... theres theres a raffle, disco for young ppl, and fireworks at midnight, theres something else going on, but dont know yet..;) My girls loves it too,then we meet up with inlaws, its good night out... ;)

Heres a template for you all its in both files psp and psd

Download HERE


Shell said...

Thanks! Hope you enjoy your time at the fests

Anonymous said...

Love the template, thanks for sharing.

Glenda said...

What a cute template. Thank you so much

Deborah Misfit said...

Great template - thanks for sharing!

Connie said...

Thank you! Hope you had fun at the festival!