Tuesday, 6 January 2009


Today is the last christmas holiday its the Befana, a old witch flys around on her broom giving sweets and coal to everyone :)
I was looking around Dana Blog yesterday Lorri Scraps (my sister in law) and she reminded me about the earthquake we had just before christmas.. Its the 2nd earthquake i been in, i was sitting in here on comp and felt this shakey thing, funny thought it was me at first..lol then it come stronger, me thinking WTf.... i looked around everything was shakin as i looked back around i felt the force of it.. it was 5.3 that was woow then a little one after that.. then had dana phoning..lol well Parma hit the news on TV and the net, there was no damage around here or anyone got hurt, thats the good.. then we had another one around 11 pm and 12.30 am but smaller 4.2 ones.. since then havent felt nothing, probaly little ones, but then it could be me...lol

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