Friday, 21 October 2011

Hi everyone
I havent been around very much over the last few months or so.. I gave up scrapbooking for awhile..
I recently walked out and seperted from my ex, for a few reasons.. and moved back to UK im lovin it beeing back.. alot of things has changed.. most things do..
Since i moved back, i have been getting all sorts of nasty e mails, text messages, phone calls from ex family.. harasments and threats from them.. even getting messages from ex family, that my ex does know anything about..  they making out its my ex and its them all the time..  they love to stir and play around with ppl feelings NOW ITS MY TURN!!  I havent done nothing wrong, they even wanted to report me to the police for leaving the marriage house..  remeber you didnt buy me, im NOT your property..
even though im living 1000 miles away from you i do know what has been said.. and you all SUCK!! The Only devil group i was in, was when i married and was member in your family. The unwanted member, the one you all could boss around and control, wipe your feet on..  I had enough of being treated like that..  and i left
after all the lies.. Its PAY BACK TIME!!

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suruha said...

Good for you! No, nobody owns you! I don't know where your 'marital home' was located, but, in the US, you can leave any time you want. It is not a crime!
If I were you, I would not care what anyone thinks. You are ultimately the one who has to live in the marriage - it's your decision, not your ex's relatives decision.
Go, dear lady, and don't look back! You are young enough, at any age, to start over from a bad relationship! Peace be with you!